A very warm welcome to Ntuka.

A little home of nourishing goodness with a wholesome approach that is focused on bringing us the opportunity to naturally boost the strength and health of our skin as well as allowing us access to a few moments of joy and personal peace that we can all experience through our precious senses of smell and touch in the comfort of our own homes or spaces. 

Skin care that aims to bring vitality and balance to both our mind and the skin. Supporting them both to be the best that they can be in their natural happy state.
Hugely influenced by my love of all things natural and aromatic, here at Ntuka, it's all about being adventurous and tapping into my intuition to produce some rather lovely blends with the aim to offer Ntuka customers a super nourishing and nurturing experience that they will want to revisit over and over again. 


Some things you just cannot explain, touch or see and yet you have this overarching knowing that within that mystery there is magic. Warm, loving sacred magic. That is my true feeling about essential oils or rather aromatic oils and I do my best to make that magic come alive within all the Ntuka blends.

I do hope that in your own way, you do get to discover and experience that joyous, mysterious, nurturing that presents itself in such amazing seductive auras when your treat yourselves or your loved ones to any of the Ntuka products.

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Release tension, promote free flowing breath, nourish the skin and the spirit with beautiful, gentle aromatic blends